Your partner for early stage engineering and product leadership recruiting.

An approach rooted in 8+ years in the Office of the CTO at Microsoft, 7+ years running ReedShay, 5+ years in VC at SignalFire, and 2+ years leading a VC-backed startup way, way back in the dotcom boom.

It's never just about the search. You need a partner who also understands how multiple stakeholders size up talent and influence you can trust deeply to guide you along the way.

Experience + knowledge + capability = outcomes.

"Dave is the founder whisperer: the kind of talent unicorn who is both a thought partner that can cut through the ambiguity of building an early stage team, and execution machine that engages incredible candidates like a founder himself. For founders, I couldn't recommend partnering with him any more highly."

Wayne Hu (LinkedIn)

General Partner, MD for Early Stage Venture, SignalFire

"David was instrumental in helping us build the early Monarch team. He took the time to not only understand the skills we were looking for, but also how important our mission and vision was to us. He connected us to candidates that were similarly mission-aligned, including Ozzie Osman who became our co-founder and head of engineering. We wouldn’t be where we are today without David’s early help."

Val Agostino (LinkedIn)

Co-founder & CEO, Monarch Money

"Dave has played a key role in building our product and engineering team. He understands what it is to build an early stage team, and spends the time to understand the kinds of leaders and IC's that are going to make the difference. Even more important, he helps get you to close, by understanding what makes the candidate tick, and how the role can be structured to drive excitement and get them across the line. I haven't worked with anybody like him."

Evan Richardson (LinkedIn)

Founder and CEO, Form Health & Venture Partner

"Dave is extraordinary in his depth of understanding the nuances that drive successful outcomes.  We worked together in the trenches for over 5 years; he pushes conventional thinking and is a truly thoughtful partner to founders and candidates alike.  A wonderful human and a fantastic search professional who I highly recommend."

Michael Mangini (LinkedIn)

MD & Head of Talent, SignalFire

"David is an absolute rockstar in early company building. He placed our first Head of Product within weeks.  He's also an undercover founder coach, and an empathetic ear when things get rocky, and a mentor if you’re stuck. Grateful to have crossed paths and hope to work together for decades."

Ben Holber (LinkedIn)

Co-founder & CEO, Apostrophe (acquired)

"Dave helped Centered early on with meeting and eventually hiring our first head of engineering, and we weren't even in the portfolio. I love his energy and network!"

Ulf Schwekendiek (LinkedIn)

Founder and CEO,

>> Engineering and Technical Leadership ("Head of," VPx, CTO, DataSci/ML)

>> Product Leadership ("Head of," VP, CPO, Director)

>> Cofounders and Founders

>> Advisors (non-fiduciary) and Interim Executives

>> VC Portfolio consulting (OD, planning, recruiting, etc.)

>> Older ReedShay Search Examples (pre-2017)

  • comScore: Chief Technology Officer

  • comScore: Chief Product Officer

  • PGP: Chief Technology Officer (and VP R&D)

  • Vibrant Media: Chief Technology Officer

  • 4Info: Chief Technology Officer

  • Kosmix: Chief Scientist (acq. to create Walmart Labs)

  • Chief Technology Officer

  • TiVo: SVP Global Software Enginering

  • TiVo: Vice President, MSO Engineering

  • SuccessFactors: Global EVP Engineering (acq. during search)

  • CyberArts: SVP Engineering

  • CyberArts: VP Product Development

  • Sezmi: SVP Product

  • BlackArrow: Chief Technology Officer

  • PowerReviews: Chief Technology Officer

  • SVP Engineering

  • VP UX and Design

  • GM/Global VP Emerging Media

  • Director, Audience Suite Engineering

  • Credo Mobile: VP Marketing (who doesn't love Credo!)

  • InVisionApp: VP Engineering

  • Badoo: VP Mobile Engineering